Teaching Japanese for 10 years

The world will be as One

Our wish is to connect the wide world into one.

Make Japanese "your own language".

Your desire to convey and understand in Japanese will come true.


We support your dreams and hopes with our quality Japanese language education.

We will provide you with fun and easy to understand lessons that you will make you want to continue taking.

・Master of Japanese Applied Linguistics 

 (Waseda University, Graduate School of Japanese Applied Linguistics)
・Completed a Japanese teacher training program 

 (Tenri University)

・Passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test

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1. Make Japanese "your own language".

[Our linguistic view]

▷Our concept based on plurilingualism.

      The concept of ​​plurilingualism is to focus on the individual, with each having a variety of linguistic abilities, interacting with each other, and building "one’s own language."

      In addition, even if the level and range of use of each language possessed by an individual are different, each has the same value and is positioned as a component that enhances plurilingual competence.

      IMAGINE is based on the concept of ​​plurilingualism. Rather than focusing on the balance of the four skills and learning fields, and focusing on what can not be done, we support learning by focusing on expanding what you can do from what you can already do.

2. Wholehearted Japanese Education.

      Communication between people implies people's hearts. Also, in Japanese, the meaning and the impression change only by changing particle, intonation, accent, attitude, etc.

      We will provide considerate support for your learning, especially the parts that are not covered by self-study.



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